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At Williams Consulting Group, we work in partnership with our clients to carefully define and execute exactly what they need.

media relations

Media Relations

No spray and pray strategies here. We will target the appropriate media for press releases, editorial board meetings, special events and press conferences, placement of feature stories and op-ed client authored columns.

crisis communications

Crisis Communications

This service is one that no one wants to need. Public scrutiny during a crisis can have a devastating impact on a business. When a crisis occurs, companies need key consistent messages for designated spokespersons and a proactive strategy for handling the media and employee communications.

special events

Special Events

This is not to be confused with throwing a party, although we can do that too. Strategically planned special events enhance a company’s image which can increase business growth, media coverage, and community good will.

community partnerships

Community Partnerships

Teaming up with others to achieve a common goal – building and growing your business – just makes good sense. We will work with you to identify potential partners and implement your strategy.

Identity Organizations & Associations

Where you hang and who it is with is critical to your time management strategy. We will evaluate your current activities and make appropriate recommendations.

client communications

Client Communications

How much is too much? We develop creative “touch” strategies to reinforce your relationship with your clients, and business associates – without overdoing it.

targeted leadership & community investment

Targeted Leadership & Community Investment

Corporate philanthropy and community involvement is often overlooked for its potential to impact the bottom line. We will help develop a plan with strategic corporate objectives such as increased revenues, community image, and better employee morale.